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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Best Toilet Paper in The World: Google Image Search Shows Pictures of Pakistan Flag-wifimixstudy

Google image search shows Pakistan flag for 'best toilet Best Toilet Paper in The World: Google Image Search Shows Pictures of Pakistan Flag in the world'-wifimixstudy
'best toilet paper in the world'
Some users on social media claimed that photos of Pakistan's flag were coming to Google on search of 'Best toilet paper in the world'. #Besttoiletpaperintheworld is also trending on Twitter. People are sharing screenshots of search results. Even earlier, the photo of US President Donald Trumpk was found on Google's search of 'Idiot'. At the same time, Google used to show photographs of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan when searching the beggar word.

Experts believe that after the martyrdom of 40 soldiers in the attack on CRPF convoy in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir, there is anger throughout the country. In such a situation, the demand for action on Pakistan is gaining ground. Someone might have tried to tamper with Google search results through Google Booming.
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What is Google Booming?

Ethical hacker Kanishka Sajanani told Bhaskar Plus App, "Every day millions of pages are indexed on Google. Whenever you search any keyword on Google, Google is connected to that keyword using its Page Rank algorithm Result shows. Now if an organization or people do such a plot, when a particular photo or website appears on top of any keyword search, then it is called Google boming or Google washing. After the Pulwama attack, an organization or many people in anger will have used the photograph of the flag of Pakistan with the word "Best toilet paper in the world" - with the word "repeatedly" Using the flag of Pakistan, it is being shown because of Google's algorithm, which has led to an attempt to influence Google search results.

Google itself can not tamper with search results
When Donald Trump's photo was shown on search of idiot on Google, the US Senator sought the response from Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Pichai had said on this, "The result of the Google search comes on the basis of the ranking of billions of keywords, these rankings are fixed on 200 reasons such as coverage and popularity." They also said that it is not possible for Google or Google employees to manipulate Google search results. They said that search results are given from algorithms, not Google employees. "

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