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Saturday, February 16, 2019

This new rule of copyright will a big advantage for video makers in social media-wifimixstudy

This new rule of copyright will a big advantage for video makers in social media-wifimixstudy
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The European Union has amended its 2-decade old copyright rule. Under the new Copyright Rule of the European Union, companies like Google and Facebook, in all cases, content creators, in other words, media companies will have to pay money in exchange for video, music and content. Also, the copyrighted content on YouTube and Instagram will also be removed. The decision was taken after a meeting between the European Union countries, the European Parliament and the European Commission.

It was discussed from the past two years so that publishers, music makers, video makers, publishers can get the wages. On this issue, European Union chief Andrew Ansip tweeted that the new copyright rule would prove to be very helpful and beneficial for this digital world publisher.

Under the new copyright law of the European Union, Google, Facebook and other online service providers will have to sign an agreement with musicians, writers, news publishers and journalists. At the same time Google's YouTube and Facebook Instagram have to install an upload filter on their platform to prevent copyright content from being uploaded.

This new rule of the European Union has been welcomed by the European Magazine Media Association, European Newspaper Publishers Association, European Publishers Council and News Media Europe. Although the new rule has not yet been given legal form. It needs to be approved by the European Parliament and the European Union before it can be implemented, though it is only a formal form.

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