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Friday, February 15, 2019

Unscrupited WhatsApp Groups are upset, now anyone has to take permission to add in WhatsApp group.

Unscrupited WhatsApp Groups are upset, now anyone has to take permission to add in WhatsApp group.
Almost everyone uses WhatsApp today. Here users are also associated with many groups. People can ed you in any group without your consent. However, you can leave that group later. Many users are concerned about the fact that they are edited in the group without their consent. Looking at the problem of its users, WhatsApp is preparing to roll out a new feature. Under this feature, users will be able to decide whether they are added to the group or not. This feature will probably work on the basis of the invitation. The feature of this feature is currently running on the iOS platform. According to the news, it will be made available soon in beta version.

WhatsApp Group Invitation Feature:

Its testing is currently running on iOS. But it will also be tested in Android. This information is given by WABetaInfo. The Group Invitation Control function is currently in Inactive State. That's because it's currently in the development stage. To use this feature, users will have to go to WhatsApp settings. After that, you will need to tap Privacy on Account. Here you can modify this feature according to your group section.

Groups will have three options. First Everyone, Second My Contacts and Third Nobody. These will be active when someone tries to add a user to a group. Everyone will be able to add any user to any group. When selecting My Contacts, the users in the contact list will be able to make it a part of the group. The user who has the inventory for the group, can accept it or the user can accepts it.
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The third option would be Nobody. After activating it, no user will be able to make any part of any WhoApp group. After enabling it, if a group admin sends a group invoice to a user, then the user will have to accept or reject this invitation in 72 hours.

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