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Friday, March 8, 2019

Be careful, using these apps will be banned from WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world's most widely used instant messaging app and because of this many people make such apps like Whatsapp as defaulters to consider Whatsapp. You do not do this.

Fake news and rumors are being run on WhatsApp, but Fake WhatsApp is also being installed. Many app developers are creating a modifed version of the app creator, WhatsAppApps. Whatsapp has updated its FAQ page, so that users can install real Whatsapp app.

Whatsapp has made people aware that if they use an alternative version of WhatsApp, then the company can ban their account. Speaking of such an application, there are apps like WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp that people install.

Users who have installed GBWhatsApp will see an in-app message that will be told that their account is being banned for some time. The company says that users should remove those apps and install the original version of the Whatsapp app.

On WhatsApp's FAQ page, "Unconsidered apps like WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp are alisted. These are not official and they have been prepared by third party developers in violation of our Terms and Conditions. Whatsapp does not support such third-party applications because we can not validate their security practice '

The company has told what to do before switching between these altered apps into the real Whatsapp app. Make a backup of your chat history according to the company, though Whatsapp does not guarantee that the process will work because it is not an official app.

Wait for some time to get banned. The timer will show how long your bane is.

--- Open the Gmail WhatsApp, tap More, and there will be a backup chats option within the chats.

--- Go to the phone settings and tap on the storage here click on the files.

--- Search the GB WhatsApp folder and select it.

--- Tap More on Upper Right Corner and rename this folder to 'WhatsApp' here.

--- Tap Restore on the backup folder. Here the existing chats of Whatsapp will be loaded.

If you are using WhatsApp Plus and your chat history is saved then it should go to official Whatsapp by yourself. To save this chat history, install the official app and verify the same phone number.

What are WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp

These apps are not official, i.e., Whatsapp has not made them. There are extra features in it, for example, here you can prepare two accounts simultaneously. Here you can block calls and also use features such as auto reply. Such features are not in real Whatsapp.

The app developers make it for their benefit and upload it to Play Store or APK websites. People make mistakes by downloading it as a version of Whatsapp. So keep in mind that Whatsapp is original and a Whatsapp business. Apart from this, the version of a Whatsapp app has not come from the company. If you use such applications, then it is not even good enough to tell how tight your chats or personal data is.

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